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This lends every Symantec product an extra level of security since it is developed from such a vast set of resources. Those resources are why Symantec products are irreplaceable once an individual or business starts using them. Symantec has far more products available than you might think at first glance.

Norton antivirus is, after all, sold under the Norton name first. And that choice is shared by many other Symantec products. However, Symantec does still sell a significant number of products under the Symantec label. These include many different security-focused products that are available for different focuses. There are small business Symantec products, cloud-focused products, Office security, email security, and much more. All of these are very effective solutions, the product that really stands out among the Symantec line is Endpoint Security.

Symantec Antivirus Endpoint Edition vs. Norton Internet Security

Endpoint Security has a very important duty that many more personally-focused antivirus software options neglect: server security. Quick search. Add to cart. Symantec Endpoint Protection Norton and More While Norton is the most famous name attached to the Symantec portfolio, it is just one small piece of what Symantec offers regarding software solutions. Symantec Products Symantec has far more products available than you might think at first glance. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides complete endpoint protection for enterprise Windows desktops. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides deployment, agent upgrade, and definition updates management services, as well as client health reporting services.

Symantec Endpoint Protection protects a single pane of glass dashboard that allows us to quickly asses and evaluate the state of the endpoint protection status for the whole organization. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides great value for centralized locations that are standardized on homogeneous Windows desktops and workstations that maintain continuous, reliable, and high bandwidth connectivity to a central management server. There might be a better-suited solution for scenarios where highly mobile, low bandwidth, heterogeneous devices need to be constantly managed and protected outside of a company's security perimeter.

Initially, we used Symantec Endpoint Protection to cover our primary office and executive office for years, but recently we expanded to use it in all of our field-user laptops and store locations nationwide. Since expanding our use of it we have not had an actual virus infection present on any machine so it's definitely doing its job.

We have tried other competitors over the years and honestly, they were pretty terrible in comparison. We have several deployments of SEP in our network, we use most of its endpoint protection features besides AV: device control, IPS, host-based firewall, and application control. The AV has several detection mechanisms: signature based, reputation based and heuristic based.

There is an option to turn an on-prem deployment into a hybrid deployment, so you can manage SEP in the cloud. Symantec really invested on integrating SEP with other Symantec solutions, so no need additional agents on endpoints. The device control feature was not changed in past product versions, it's still not the most convenient way to manage, the preconfigured hardware groups are not good enough. For example, no group for mobile phones. Application control and device control are managed in the same policy, so if you have a common app control policy but a different device control policy you'll need to manage 2 policies.

The app control policy is very strong, still, the out of the box policies are basic, I'd expect Symantec to provide more of these out of the box. The reports are not the most elegant and sometimes it takes time to find the report you need. Graphics need to be improved. Today with the hybrid model, you can manage SEP in the cloud. The products integrate with each other and you can achieve better policy management and also better visibility on your network.

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SEP is an agent-based solution, if you need an agentless solution this is not the product for you. SEP is currently used across our entire company. We use it for its anti-virus and firewall protection and its real-time threat detection.

That's not you, right?

Updates to the program are automatic and require no user intervention at all. That is very useful when you have a large user base. SEP is easy to deploy, easy to maintain and works well keeping our data and workstations safe. SEP is well suited to companies who need to deploy and manage protection from a central location. Companies who want to protect users with minimal effort would be well suited for this product.

I would say that it may not be right for smaller businesses where costs are a primary factor. The protection is very high, but the price is accordingly high. We do not use it on any remote offices or employees who travel. At one point we were using the Mail Security piece and the desktop Endpoint protection but have since dropped the mail security piece and just use Desktop Endpoint Protection in conjunction with the Symantec Endpoint Manager program.

In our case, the best business problem it solves is to allow us to the have a centrally managed anti-virus system that does not require a lot of education on the part of the users or the admins. Symantec has a great central manage piece called the Symantec Endpoint Manager. It is quite easy to use, is intuitive and requires little to no training. Symantec is also easy for users to understand and use.

If a user clicks on the task bar Symantec icon they are presented with a full menu of easy to understand options for them to use. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides a wide array of options, for admins, when it comes to limiting what the users can do on their workstations. Policies are easy to configure and seem to work well every time. If calling tech support for other companies one of the first things they often ask is if you have Symantec.

That is a bad reputation to get but I have seen several instances where Symantec has caused issues with other software programs.

Features of the On Premises Implementation of SEP SBE

I think Symantec is best suited for Small to Medium businesses, with limited IT support as the program is easy to set up and in most cases does not require specific IT skills. Due to the issues with slowness and sometimes conflicting with other programs I do not think Symantec is a great choice for Large Enterprises. It has worked well for us. The client can be deployed as managed or unmanaged for off-site stand alone units. Building out the installation package for new installations can be difficult the first time you do it; but once you learn how, it is easily repeated.

Existing clients are automatically updated by the server.

Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition | Symantec

The endpoint client is the last level of defense. Symantec Endpoint has served us well over the years. We have been a Symantec shop for almost as long as I have been with the company which is almost 20 years. We rely on SEP to keep all of our endpoints protected from all malicious threats.

SEP is ideal for medium to large enterprises. We have almost endpoints and I am confident that all of these devices are well protected. I am not sure that I would recommend this solution for small businesses. Not to say they could not use it, but licensing can be expensive and a full time admin is recommended.

I use Symantec Endpoint Protection in our audit program. I use the system and monitor e-mails which I can see from my front page.

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I monitor them for suspicious texts and data abuse. The system is used in the internal audit department and the IT department in our company.

Symantec is user-friendly and I am pleased! We use Symantec Endpoint Protection to specify our keywords and the Symantec makes this so easy! Anthony Prestia.

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Computer Hardware , employees. We use Symantec Endpoint Protection across our whole organization across 3 sites and it is managed centrally from our NJ location. It allows us to keep our machines secure from malicious software and easily stay updated with new threats. We had a user hit with a ransomware that Symantec didn't catch. It has picked up and quarantined virus attacks from infected websites on numerous occasions and kept our end users protected due to it.

Christopher Bogart. Symantec Endpoint has been the primary Anti-virus software for the company.

Software offers simplicity and ease of use. At times, the software has not been easy to remove.