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Will Wright has stated in an interview that the game does not actually reticulate splines when generating terrain, and he just inserted the phrase because it "sounded cool".

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SimCity 2000

Alien Rampage demo. Beach Buggy Simulator. Bunny Bricks.

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SimCity 2000 Music - Mac Version (1 of 3)

For one, the resolution is much lower. The Mac version is x by default, can go higher while the DOS version puffs along at a fixed x The music is terrible with the wheezy SoundBlaster and only with an expensive Roland MT system can you get something that sounds anything close to the Mac version. The DOS version at least has a few extra features the Mac doesn't bull moose roar but that's about it. The DOS version also won't let you create your own scenarios from scratch, just editing the variables from the original scenarios, although you could get around it if you had a buddy with a Mac that could convert them into scenario files for you.

Sim City 2000 - Manual

The CD version, which is the definitive version, has versions for Mac, Windows, and DOS, and includes SimCity the latest version , the SimCity Scenarios 1: Great Disasters which was a disk release initially and the only scenario pack ever released , SimCity Urban Renewal Kit commonly known as SCURK, which let you edit tile sets and included a sandbox mode to add buildings where you liked , a bunch of new cities from fans, and about three new scenarios seen no where else.

All in all, it was a fantastic game and even when it gets a bit boring, there's something strangely addictive about it. It's colorful, it's well-built, and in many ways the pinnacle of the SimCity series, and it sold very well.

SimCity 2000 overview

Use the Budget window and take out a loan bond. The interest on the bond should be 0.

SimCity 2000 allows the user to build and manage a metropolis.

The remaining loan bond will yield at least one million dollars each year. Clear a 3 x 3 square location and place a single water pump in the center squares. Run power lines to the pump.

Note: Do not place any other items on these squares.