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Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. A flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the game. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, make deep breaches in enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, use the force of giant tanks to eliminate opposing armored forces, or become a heavy sniper with long-range howitzers, each unit type has its own advantages and can be extremely effective when operated by a true tank ace.

A very niche speedrun game, not many runners. I am currently 2nd overall. A Classic from Super Nintendo returns! High-speed action platformer with cool tricks and glitches make this game an excellent run for any marathon. Accepted as a four way race between Clipper1, darrenville, Soppanaama, and Tokyo From minor movement optimizations to more difficult strats derived from the TAS, virtually every stage has something new to look out for. Some things stay familiar though: the Gold Armor, Zero Saber, and more neons jumps than you can count, making this run great for viewers old and new to Mega Man X3 speedrunning.

Three teams of three veteran runners will gather from across the globe to see who can take down Dr.

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

Wily three times fast! This builds on the very successful 1 to 3 relay seen at a previous event. Teams will be balanced to ensure a competitive race. Glitched Password is exactly what the name implies. I will use a glitchy password to start the game from the beginning with all 8 mavericks already beaten, making this a swift run of intro stage and then straight into the endgame! I would solo run this category.

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Status: Decline Glitched Password MM7 is a super underrated speedgame. We punch a bat to death, save a bird from a forest fire that we caused ourself, and attempt a OHKO glitch on 3 bosses.


I am a backup. Submitting as a backup. This builds on the very successful MM1 to 3 relay seen at a previous event. Teams will be balance to ensure a competitive race. See Sagehero's submission video for a detailed explanation. This submission video contains extra information regarding the relay organization at the start! Fun category that is really packed with fast movement and cool strategys.

Short, sweet, and easy to follow making it a good watch.

Learn python by contibuting to pygame (at the europython 'sprint' and online)

SMI is an extremely difficult romhack based entirely around the vanilla game. It is a fantastic showcase of skill and tricks not seen in any other version of the game. It is however, contrary to the title, not impossible and I'm here to show why. One Mind is a romhack in which two controllers are used to control one character, with control swapping back and forth between each controller every few seconds. Players are rewarded for being "of one mind"; it's easier to play if both players agree on strats beforehand.

Watching two players wrestle against one another to make Mario do their bidding is what makes this hack hilarious to watch. Donation incentive for hard mode, where control is swapped every 30 frames rather than every few seconds. Mario 3 have been displayed at many gdq's and is always a fan favorite.

Looking to display some of the new things and strategies within the multiple categories. This year i'd like to show off as much as I can to the new generations getting involved with gdq and new fans to speedrunning.

Modded Magnatone

Mario 3 is a fast-paced platforming game with a lot of visually appealing movement. Recently, the major categories have seen significant improvements. This run would be a co-op between mitchflowerpower and I. With the same complex movement that has been showcased in JKA and Jedi Knight Outcast performances at previous GDQs, EFY4 offers more fast paced movement, a metric bunch-ton more lightsaber fights, precise movement-based skips, velociraptors yes, dreams do come true , insane vehicle tricks, and top-notch Rosh voice acting.

All spawns, coins, enemies, boxes and loading zones are are random! This run would be done on a random seed that is unknown to me.

Would love to show this off to the big crowd and share my strats and way of thinking when playing Randomizer! Status: Decline Star Status: Accept 70 Star Currently accepted as a solo run. Long ago, the four extreme sports lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Scooter Nation attacked. Yup it's tony hawk with razor scooters. The glitchless categories have grown in popularity a lot - and you get to see Gravitron. Submitted as a solo run, or as a race against Orucsoraihc.

Status: Decline No TJ Status: Decline No OoB Small PC platformer where the main feature is to be able to get into the floor by pressing a trigger, if you have momentum.

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In the floor, gravity is reversed. The goal is to get the 3 orbs in each level before reaching the end of it. Very intense skill based run. Status: Decline All Bosses SFPA is a 2d platformer, which uses its unique momentum to drive movement in the game.

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  6. TMD is an awesome platformer and metroidvania. The gameplay has more of a contra feel run and gun with a unique jump hitbox great for a speedrun. An adorable mobile platformer involving a party of cats with special abilities.

    World of Tanks for Mac

    Very simple movement mechanics with some tricky cycles and a few glitches thrown in. Colorful, easy to follow, and super charming. Commonly described as "Hotline Miami but from the side", Katana Zero features a weeb cutting people and deflecting bullets all whilst wearing a stylish bathrobe.

    With the inclusion of speedrun mode, the game now has very little downtime and is stripped to only the interesting segments. All Stages is just the normal action packed gameplay experience while Hard Mode turns the difficulty up to 11 and features new unique enemies, faster enemies, and even crazier strats. Status: Accept Hard Mode Status: Accept All Stages Gato Roboto is an awesome little metroidvania featuring a cat, Kiki, jumping in and out of a mech suit. The game gets very fast very quickly as upgrades are collected for the mech suit, sending Kiki flying up and across screens of enemies, spikes and pits.

    The gameplay is very easy to follow and increasingly exciting to watch as the run goes on, the music is fantastic and did I mention that Kiki will be smiling in the top-right corner of the screen while in the mech? Gato Roboto is a recently released retro-styled metroidvania, featuring a unique monochromatic art style, classic yet interesting mechanics, and a cat in a mech suit. The speedrun consists of fast-paced movement tech that changes as the run progresses such as rocket-based recoil, momentum preservation, and precise dashes later on , as well as a few interesting glitches that allow for extremely large sequence breaks.

    The Gato Roboto community would like to present this game as a race. This beautiful indie game is fast paced with precise movement necessary. It has little to no RNG making it pretty good for a race and a test of skill in both consistency of the run and of recovery of mistakes. With a good soundtrack which you'll miss a lot of and intense rooms to clear, this could be an entertaining race or run in general for everyone to enjoy.

    Stable Codeweavers Wrapper for World of Tanks!

    Gato Roboto is a movement heavy Metroidvania where you play as an adorable cat in a mech suit. The run has little downtime and is fast paced throughout. It also has cheesy humor, a cute animal protagonist, and the music is fire. The hard "zangetsu" mode of Crowtel Renovations! You play as a frog who travels through three difficult platforming levels to help your cat inspector bosses and then find a comfy bed to sleep in.

    World of Tanks for Mac OS| Community

    Very cute and chill platformer! Due to its difficulty is a game not run by many people, however, when you know what you are doing the run is very consistent but it still needs for the excution and platforming to be on point to succeed. The speedrun consists of smooth optimized movement, bosses dying before you can blink, and even an out-of-bounds clip or two. I'd like to do this as a race against Skavenger if possible. Status: Decline Good Ending Action Henk is a 2. The game features a number of techniques to gain and maintain momentum, as well as numerous skips, resulting in a great flow throughout the entire run.

    These runs can either be performed solo, or, preferably, as a race against killingpepsi. Status: Accept All Levels A 7 char run where you get a random starting item and mapping for each char. This helps show off the game while not being bogged down by slowly rolling for items or being at the complete mercy of RNG. Make it a race for extra excitement and this becomes a must watch.

    Action Henk is all about building and maintaining your momentum in whatever ways you can. All levels is beating the 5 main levels from all 11 batches plus 2 boss challenges. All rainbows is similar except it requires beating the rainbow ghost time. Race with or backup to Shark are also cool. Status: Decline Al Rainbows A run to the final boss of Terraria on a set map for consistency. Status: Accept Moonlord Normal Seeded Involves collecting every mask in the game which necessitates completing every level with a sufficient score, picking up masks hidden in some levels, seeing both endings, and collecting all the puzzle pieces hidden in each level.

    Status: Accept All Masks The classic game whose name starts with the character "1" so it'll show up at the top of the submission list.