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There are some cases where ARP masquerading is configured and will reply, but it's quite rare to do that as it causes other problems.

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My main point is that you can always do a lookup. And, if you're on the same network, you will always get what you were looking for. That's how the Ethernet protocol works. U-D13 I have an IP address of a computer which I am currently away from ,in the question probably meant that the user is trying to find the MAC address of a computer which is not on the same network. Shiva "probably meant". I can be away from my colleagues computer, but we're on the same network.

I can be working from home via VPN and be away from my actual work machine, yet we're still on the same network. I strongly believe your answer should be reworded to clearly indicate that one can only resolve IPs to MACs in a local network, but one can always do that. If you are on the same network you can open up a Terminal: I agree too.

Does this works on Linux? Tried and definitely works on windows May 19 '17 at Linked 5. Related It is easy to use, supports remote queries, and can display results in a structured format:. You could redirect the output to a file and then store it in an environment variable with the setx command.

This query extracts the description and the MAC address from the extensive information that WMI provides about the adapter.

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Windows Quick Tip: How To Get MAC Address From a Remote Computer

The advantage of wmic over other tools is that you can access exactly the information you require. For example, if you only need the MAC addresses of the physical adapters and not those of the numerous virtual adapters, you could run the following query:. You can use this fact by first connecting to a remote computer and read the MAC address afterwards with the arp command. For this purpose, a simple ping is enough to find the machine in the arp list:. Win the monthly 4sysops member prize for IT pros.

Creating an Azure Virtual Network. Azure Network Watcher overview and deployment. Nice article.

How to get MAC address via IP - Information Security Stack Exchange

I have never run across the getmac command, so that was a bit of a revelation. I had always used arp -a, however it has some several limitations. Since ARP functions at layer 2, you have to be on the same subnet for it to work. Is there a more generic mechanism, for systems other than Windows?

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Although the MAC address is burned into the card at the time of manufacturing, some network cards allow their MAC addresses to be arbitrarily set through the device driver software. MAC addresses should not be relied upon solely for access control filtering and MAC address spoofing is a well-known security risk.

Get mac address from command line (CMD)

Hi, is there any way to check if device is connected to the network, when you know only MAC address? In case no device IP set, so it is unknown.

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