Cannot connect to server citrix mac

NetScaler Gateway: STA host name not resolvable.

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So NetScaler knows where to connect. Common Gateway Protocol.

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At least as long as you did not turn off session reliability. I bet my life, you did not. We successfully resolved the ticket, so NetScaler Gateway now connects to the target device: Just resolve these issues by opening up the firewall ports, or add the route to the desired network.

I hope this helped! Unfortunately I was unable to capture screen shots from Citrix Receiver connection stages due to my relatively fast environment. And I connect to StoreFront.

Trouble shooting Citrix NetScaler Gateway connection issues

I manually delete them from time to time. Sample file name: Thanks, Hendrik, so they all do more or less the same. The template ICA file is in C: It is a windows. I get through all the stages until I click on an application and then I get a message that tells me it took too long to connect? The connection worked perfectly a few days prior, so why have things changed? And what can I do about it. There are several reasons. Did you update your certificate to SHA2? We are having an issue similar to this in our environment, except it is when pulling an active internal session to external.

It seems to work intermittently. Applications can be successfully launched by clicking the icon but this opens a seperate connection to another server. Check if you added a callback URL. Thanks for the quick response! Call back url is present and has been working. We have had this issue for a long time.

Installing and Configuring Citrix Receiver for Mac OS X

Citrix recommended we enable ica proxy migration on gateway vip but this has made no difference. I have tested in both basic and smart access mode. I am not sure what the xml service trust is. Where can i find this setting? The session is detected and therefore disconnected from current Client, if it was active before. Is this true? To be honest, I have no idea. Citrix Csg Ssl Error Intermittently we are getting the below error. The published resource is not available currently. Please contact your system administrator for further assistance.

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  5. Eventlogs on delivery controller and in StoreFront. This message came from StoreFront. Doing some research, i found that the ports for Session Reliability were not open for those farms.

    So, apparently the new version of receiver uses the port for Session Reliability instead of ? Here are the parts where the logs are different related to it. I don't think i can upload here the full log, but if you need specific information please let me know. In the non-working log, the error indicates that the server is refusing the connection. I will state that the IP address of the server that Receiver is trying to connect to is different in the working and non-working logs.

    Did you try to launch the same resource in both cases? As i said, both logs are from different farms, that's why the IP addresses are different each IP is a XenApp server on the farm. The thing is that if we downgrade the Receiver version on the MAC, it can launch the applications without issues. I sent you a private message last week asking you to upload full logs to a Sharefile link I supplied in the message.

    Citrix Receiver for Mac Cannot Connect to Server

    There is not enough info in the snippets that you provided. It should only use the port for session reliability if it is told to in the ICA file. So that's the difference between the Receiver versions The older version uses port , while the newest uses port That code still exists in RfMac Without a full log file, it's tough for me to say exactly what's going on and if there is a problem in that area.

    You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Answer this question. Sign In to Post a Comment. Sign In. January 19, Rick I have a Mac Book pro running All the apps showed and was able to run them. On the mac you are trying to connect is this a new build of the OS? Have you tried another Mac book to ensure its not your current configuration and can you connect from other non Mac devices? Regards, Shane Kramer. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. January 20, Have you tried to connect through the some one else mac machine which same version, if not please try to connect and findout the issue.

    March 17, Struggling with the same issue, unfortunately without any success. Fresh If Pitfall - if you create new user accounts on Mac, you can not add connection for this new user.