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Daisuke , Oct 13, Hi, All. Starting from version 7 we have new feature in Parallels Desktop called somthing like "Automatically shared printers". This feature works only with Windows gusts. To disable it your need just uncheck "Add all Mac printers" in vm's configuration editor.

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After this you can still use printers in your guest OS just like you do this in previouse versions of PD - go to vm configuration editor and add all required printers manually. Thank you for feedback. Alexander Haltman , Oct 26, Messages: 3.

Using parallels For example, i print a lot of pages that can be in fast draft mode, but the driver only prints in best mode. I can go into the print properties and change the driver to the c, and it says it printed, but nothing prints and the print queue shows zero the whole time. Then I have full control over print options etc. However, one small follow up i need help on. After i rebooted windows, in the print queue are two old print files with an error on them.

I am able to print a new job, but these old ones sit there and can not be deleted. I have done the routine of stopping the print spooler and going to the the printer folder under windows32 to empty that, but it was already empty. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. I can't find an upgrade to scan from HP on the web site. When I use it, nothing happens and I have to use Force quit to turn it off. Thank you. Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! Learn how to publish and more.

I saw your post on the problems you are having with a sweep on the Mavericks.

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I checked the drivers available and there is no driver available for the Mavericks scanning. However, there are solutions to analyze. Click on the link below and choose 'How to scan with the Apple Software Update driver?

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Photosmart C will not scan. I am running Windows 7, I just replaced a photosmart c with a Photosmart C The C will not scan. When I use the Solution center, the analysis shows a black with no document screen as someone forgot to turn on the light. I tried printing and scanning utility, he said I was missing a update on the Solutions Center.


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I loaded it and I still have. The printing and scanning utility now works without error throughout. Until I loaded the C I did some research and found that I should use a scrubber to get rid of all the. I found a list of what it takes in hp support forum and followed to the letter. I guess that's it. I want to thank you for all your help in this matter and stick with me. Photosmart Da will not scan. I am more able to scan documents on my printer Hp Photosmart DA. I use Mac OS X portable It is connected wireless and I am able to print.

I restart my printer and it will not scan. Nothing wrong with my internet connection. Previously, before I had scanning problems, my wireless on my printer button was flashing and I couldn't print wireless. I uninstalled the software from my laptop and remove the printer. I reinstalled the HP software and added to the printer and that solved my printing problem. Now, digitization is a problem.

Can anyone help me please with my scan problem? In the HP utility I cliked the name of my printer under devices, then on the right side I cliked the additional settings under settings of the printer. My web browser opens and it is the HP embedded Web server for my printer.

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I clicked the Scan button and the scanned image. You will then need to right click to save the image, and it allows to print wireless. The escalation of HP Manager ran a cleaner tool to remove completely all HP printer software and reinstalled. Now, everything works except for analysis. Using Scan of the computer for the printer display gives, "make sure that the HP printer software is installed.

I can, however, scan-to-one chip memory inserted in the computer, but is produces a jpg file and I need PDF. All scanning software worked before technical support and escalation of HP is involved. I discovered that Windows has made a number of updates to security on my computer. Therefore, windows do not see the as a device scan and judged that he was a suspect and deactivated engine part analysis of the HP software. Reinstall the printer as a wireless printer, and then by reactivating the printer to scan, my HP software came back and now everything works as advertised.

I think you were on the right track. Then analysis stops on an HP printer without apparent reason, check if there's any recent Windows updates. If so, reinstall the printer as a new wireless printer. The error I get my HP Scan on my computer says: communication error, but the printer is connected in fact I have effectively tests the printer and my computer.

Google search led me to believe that this scanner is totally incompatible with my Mac OS Please tell me I don't have to take this printer - I've wasted 4 hours of my life trying to get the thing set up already!

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As I suspected, it seems more likely that your router does not support multicast which is essential to the discovery of the device as Hello. First step: restore the default settings of network for your product.

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HP C will not scan to computer. I spoke with HP for more than two weeks my new printer not scaning to my computer which is a brand new Dell bought may 1.

Has anyone else had this and solved the problem? I am ready to return to the store. My nerves are leached. All I get are they sent my problem to their advanced technicians. So how long should I wait? Promised are really old here. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Who ever you are, you are a 'Holy '! Check the HP support website see the References section to determine the compatibility of your printer with your specific version of Mac OS X. If you still have the driver install disk that came with your printer, check that disk to see if there are Mac OS X drivers and visit the HP support website to see if there are updated drivers available for your printer.

Many printers will operate in a very basic mode and provide basic printing functionality even without a specific driver. In this mode, you may not be able to take advantage of some special features of the printer, but you may still be able to print. This may be useful if your printer is old enough that there are no Mac OS X drivers available.

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If your printer will not work with Mac OS X, another option is to share that printer from a Windows machine over your company network. This way your Mac machine can connect to the shared printer and may still be able to print.