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And at the beginning, when I restart with my controller plugged in, the computer thinks the gamepad is secretly a mouse and lets the d-pad move the cursor. I know it's not a hardware issue because a it was working last week, and b I have an identical controller that behaves the same way. I'm guessing it's something to do with the native Mountain Lion USB drivers, but I don't know what I'm doing in there to really figure it out.

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So, does anyone have any clues as to what might be going on? Just anything at all? This is all very frustrating, and it makes me think I should have waited for Posted on Aug 6, PM. Page content loaded. Aug 7, AM in response to mauro7inf In response to mauro7inf.

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I figured out why the Ink pane was showing up -- I had installed SteerMouse when I was trying to fix things, which made my computer think my gamepad was a writing tablet for some reason. I uninstalled it and now System Preferences no longer shows the Ink pane. Not that this fixes the actual problem of my gamepad's button presses not registering, of course.

Though, last night I was able to use the gamepad after restarting with it. Everything was fine. I left the game application running in the background, instead of quitting when I went to sleep.

I woke up, and everything was still fine. Played for a bit. Used the internet Chrome for a bit which I'd done last night, too.

Troubleshooting a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick

Went to play again, and Aug 7, AM. Aug 7, PM in response to mauro7inf In response to mauro7inf. Certain controllers may appear as an additional keyboard or mouse. These controllers currently may not work correctly. If the controller allows you to map its inputs to the primary keyboard, then it will work through the use of a keyboard map. If they show up as a second keyboard or mouse, they will likely not work. Adding support for additional keyboards and mice is possible, and the feature may be added in the future if there is enough demand.

Some of the above controllers may be indirectly supported through the use of Custom Controllers. No direct support of the controller's special features is available at this time. In addition to the devices shown in the table above, Rewired has an option to attempt to support all unknown gamepads. Unity exposes the devices as 3 joysticks through UnityEngine.

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See this page for more information. In order to use these devices with Rewired, you must disable native input in Windows by setting the Primary Input Source to "Unity. In addition, you cannot use XInput together with Unity input so you lose several important features of XInput universal XInput device support, vibration, etc. An alternate way to support these controllers is by accessing the API directly and using that information to drive a Custom Controller.

Using this method, you can leave native input enabled and retain access to all the important features that native input provides.

Troubleshooting a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick - MajorGeeks

Unity exposes the devices as 2 joysticks through UnityEngine. At this time, most controllers on WebGL are only supported via manual user mapping of controls at runtime through the use of a system like Control Mapper. Please see this for important information on the state of controllers support in web browsers. The information in the following table shows which controllers have been mapped for the different browsers running on different operating systems. The operating system and browser versions shown are the versions that have been tested. For gamepads that do not use the Standard Gamepad mapping mode, because at any time the browser manufacturer may decide to create a Standard Gamepad mapping for a controller causing the mapping layout to change, extended support cannot be guaranteed for any browser versions but the ones shown.

Yes - Google Chrome Driver Required. Broken - Google Chrome Below are the current SDL2 mappings included with Rewired. Yes Driver Required. On Windows, users must install the latest Logitech drivers for the G27 or the mappings in Rewired will be incorrect. The SDK is only available for Windows. While Rewired provides maps for several platforms other than Windows, there is no official support of these platforms by Logitech, and therefore no force feedback SDK available.

Additionally, the steering wheel may become somewhat rigid because the centering spring may engage automatically on some platforms. Currently there is no recommended solution to these issues. Each time upon attaching the device to the system, you must push and pull each shaft fully through its complete range of motion. This will calibrate the device internally so that the axes report the correct values. This information should be included in your game manual so your players know how to use the device properly. For the lightguns to work properly in Rewired, you must set the light gun mode to "Joystick" in the Arcade Guns Pro Utility.

You should include this information in the documentation of your game so your users will know how the light guns should be configured. Controllers listed in the above tables that display any of the following icons are compatible with that controller template. Support for exotic controller types not guaranteed. For a good input experience, Unity's input system must be replaced with a native input library. This is possible for any platform except Webplayer. If there is enough demand, I can write an input library for the platform to replace Unity's flawed input system.

Unity only supports up to 20 buttons. Many controllers on Android begin mapping their buttons at index 15, leaving only 5 open entries for all remaining buttons. There is no solution to supporting these controllers fully in Android short of writing a native input library to replace Unity as the input source.

Sidewinder Game Pad Pro Driver

I will do this if there is enough demand. Only one of these joystick entries actually represents the joystick, but Rewired will see it as 4 separate joysticks. The user will have to manually choose from the 4 entries to determine the correct one that represents the XBox controller. Warning: Some controller elements may trigger keyboard presses in Unity. You should be aware of this if you have keyboard maps enabled as some controller elements will trigger keyboard presses instead of or in addition to controller button functions. Note: The adapter registers 2 USB joysticks on some platforms, only 1 of which is the actual joystick, the other being a dummy entry.

This may interfere with joystick auto-assignment in a multi-player game. On fallback platforms that use Unity's input system, Unity provides no way to identify the controller apart from a single name string. These controllers return the identical name string for both wired and wireless modes, however the element mappings vary greatly between the wired and wireless modes.

Therefore, there is no way possible to determine whether the controller is wired or wireless and therefore no way to make separate profiles for the two modes. These controllers return the identical name string for all mode settings, however the element mappings vary greatly between the different modes.

Therefore, there is no way possible to determine what mode the controller is in and therefore no way to make separate profiles for the different modes. There is no way to reliably determine which controller is attached. Therefore, none of these devices are mapped so all can be mapped by the user using the Unknown Controller map. Therefore, the controller was intentionally left unmapped, but could be manually mapped manually by the user in-game.