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New Century Schoolbook Font

Century is based on the "Scotch" genre, a style of type of British origin which had been popular in the United States from the early nineteenth century and is part of the "Didone" genre of type popular through the entire nineteenth century. However, compared to many earlier typefaces in the genre, stroke contrast is quite low, creating a less sharp and highly readable structure.

Despite originating in the nineteenth century, use of the typeface remains strong for periodicals, textbooks, and literature. Beginning as foundry type, Century has withstood a series of technical transformations into Linotype, Monotype, Ludlow, phototype, transfer type, digital type, and Xerox-like 'toner type'. Ball terminal on hook of f , ear of g , and tail of j. Prominent top spur on capital C. Theodore Low De Vinne , publisher of the Century Magazine , wanted a more legible font for his magazine.

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Over the course of the nineteenth century, largely because of the influence of Bodoni , common printing fonts had become thin, making a weak impression on the page. De Vinne and aesthete William Morris decried this "growing effeminacy" and called for a reversion to blacker faces. Benton produced, Century Roman , had a larger x-height than most faces and thicker hair-lines than was common, yet the proportions of a condensed face because De Vinne believed this to be more legible.

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With the merging of twenty-three foundries into American Type Founders in , Linn Boyd Benton's son, Morris Fuller Benton , was given the task of consolidating and purging the faces of these manufacturers into a coherent selection. Following this, he was given the task of adapting Century No. Records now in the Smithsonian show that M.

Benton not only re-designed his father's face, but did so with reference to 16 Roman of the Bruce Type Foundry which A.

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And which, probably not coincidentally, had been introduced in the Bruce Foundry catalog of which had been printed by De Vinne. By the A. Benton embarked upon the creation of the first planned type family, and it is this conception of "type families" that is probably Benton's single greatest achievement. The faces were issued over a period of ten years, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.

Century proved to be hugely popular and was either licensed or copied by all the makers of mechanical composition machines, including Linotype , Intertype , and Monotype. A few variants were even added: [8]. Century's popularity and usefulness continued right through the cold type era and was made available for photocomposition by all the leading producers under the following names: [10]. It was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and is based on Century Expanded , but the accompanying italic and bold are based upon Century Schoolbook and were designed by Richard Lipton and Christian Schwartz.

Benton Modern was released in two optical sizes: text for general use and display for large text sizes.

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Century Oldstyle was released at a time when heavier faces with bracketed serifs were returning to vogue. The faces, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.

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Despite the name it is not purely an old-style serif font the type of metal type used before around , but retains many more modern characteristics such as its curling capital Q. Century Oldstyle was not as popular as its predecessor, but the roman and italic were copied by Linotype , Intertype , and Monotype.

As oldstyle faces gained in popularity during the photo-comp era, Century Oldstyle was copied more widely then than during the hot type era. Copies were made under following names: [10]. Century Catalogue as spelled in ATF specimen books had a lower x-height than Century Expanded but, despite longer ascenders, adheres to the same general design. Both were designed by M. Benton and released by A. Digital versions may exist. The OpenType fonts in this archive are designed to allow the representation of Indian-language and similar material in Roman script using the Unicode character set. They are based on fonts designed by. The chief provisions of the GPL are that software licensed under it may be freely redistributed provided the author's copyright is properly acknowledged. As permitted under Section 2 of the GPL, I have modified the fonts to implement the accented characters needed by Indologists and other such scholars, using mkt1font, a program I wrote to create arbitrarily accented Type 1 PostScript fonts.

In developing them I have also made substantial use of George Williams's excellent program FontForge. The modified fonts, like the originals, are distributed under the GPL. The modified fonts were created on January 18, They work well with Word and later. Falling back to DejaVu Sans. Sofiya Sofiya 1 1 1 bronze badge. I think on macs, there is no "Times New Roman", only "Times" by default.

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Maybe the installation has gone wrong? The font. It can be one of five different values. It works like this: plt. Joooeey Joooeey 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Well, that's all good. But if Times New Roman is installed, plt. Or inversely, putting 'Times New Roman' at the top of the list, will not suddenly make this work if it didn't already work before. Huh, I didn't know that. According to the docs plt. From the docs: "When text.

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